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Flood Water Extraction Bloomfield

“Oh no, my house is flooded!” – Ever heard this? Sudden floods and leaks can strike without any warning at all. If your home is hit by flood damage (of any kind), then you need the services of the most qualified water restoration firm fast. This can return your home to its pre-damage condition, with as little interference to your life as possible.

We have a certified and qualified team of expert technicians who are trained in current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying. This procedure is used to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Moisture meters can be used to locate moisture, which may not be visible or may be hidden behind walls or cabinets. We use this device to ensure that our Water Restoration Service Professionals can restore all wet materials correctly. We understand just how important it is for us to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water, smoke, or fire damage. You can rely on Water Damage Bloomfield to provide the best emergency response time, as well as quick professional service; 24-hours a day.

Once we get your call, we’ll arrive at your property within 30 minutes. Our team of specialists will then start with a quick, yet thorough, inspection; using thermal cameras and moisture detectors. At the same time, we will begin the water extraction, removing dangerous items submerged in water as well as your furniture and rugs.

We will place drying equipment as needed and then continue with the whole restoration process. Mold growth can and will become a serious problem if water & flood damage has not been taken care of promptly. Our team is specialized in removing any mold growth, mildew or sewage. We can also take care of other problems that arise due to water damage and flooding.

Flood and water damage can devastate your home and leave you defenceless (and sometimes even homeless). Water Damage Bloomfield can help you to prevent this from happening and will keep you, your family, your home, and your possessions safe and dry for many, many, years to come.


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  • Flood Clean Up
  • Water Restoration
  • Water Mitigation
  • Mold Removal
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We had our bath overflow for 45 minutes and our ceilings collapsed into the living room beneath. Water Damage Bloomfield responded within 1 hour and had the property dry with a heat trailer within 36 hours! They saved almost all our books and were able to rebuild the ceiling and have it all decorated in the same week. We were extremely pleased with their service; I would definitely recommend them.

-T. Simmons

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